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Although garage doors have a significant lifespan, there may come a time when you need to replace one. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, contact Door Pro.

We sell many new garage doors and have a large selection on hand. Servicing Hamilton County, North Georgia, and Cleveland, TN. 

Need help deciding on what type of garage door you need? Door Pro can help you explore options and select the right garage door set up for your home.

Here are some reasons for replacing your automatic garage door:

* Too Many Repairs. If you’re finding yourself frequently struggling with a broken door, even after investing in some significant repairs, it may be time to purchase a new door. Garage doors have many parts, and over time, these parts wear out. At some point, the cost of a new door will be less expensive than continued repairs.

* Cosmetic Issues. If you’ve recently upgraded the exterior of your home, you may want to replace your garage door to complement your home’s current design and style. An older, worn garage door will certainly stand out more if the rest of your home received a new paint of coat or new siding. A door that is cracked, damaged, or faded can decrease the curb appeal and overall value of your residence as well.

* Energy Leak. Today’s garage doors are much more energy-efficient than ones available a decade ago. If you’re looking for ways to save on your heating and cooling bills, replacing your garage door with an energy-conscious one may be the answer.

* Safety Considerations. If your garage door looks like it may have broken springs, be off-balance, or be in danger of falling off its tracks, it may be a safety hazard. If your electronic sensor eyes are misaligned, broken, or dirty, this can also be dangerous for children.

* Security Concerns. Technology has developed in recent years to allow the new garage doors to be even more secure than in the past. If you have a home security system, a garage door can be programmed into that system. You can also access garage door activity as well as control it remotely by phone.

The professional team at Door Pro is ready and waiting to help you evaluate your garage door situation and make the best recommendations to fit your home and budget. We carry steel, wood, glass, composite, and other garage doors, and our certified technicians can help share the pros and cons of each. We can help you select top-quality doors in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

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In order to take full advantage of the safety features offered by the manufacturer, you must be sure to have the garage doors properly installed. Without a certified garage door installer handling the hanging and mounting of the doors and safety features, even the most well designed doors will not perform as they should.


Garage doors do a lot of work. Often, they open and close multiple times per day. Keeping them properly maintained will ensure that they continue to work smoothly, safely, and effectively. Maintaining your garage doors is about more than ensuring the light bulbs in the opener are still burning, the chain is still on, and the doors open and close.


Eventually, even the best garage door or opener will need to be replaced. When the time does come to replace a door or opener or a component of the door, you need the help of a professional.