Broken Garage Door Springs

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If your garage door is not working properly, it can halt your day and prevent you from getting to work or out to run errands. Be sure to call Door Pro for broken garage door spring repair serving Hamilton County, North Georgia and Cleveland TN. We will come to your rescue quickly and with efficiency.

Broken garage door spring

Signs of a Broken Spring

Here are several signs of a potentially broken garage door spring:

  • Cables look broken or are hanging down.
  • The door stops when it is six inches open.
  •  Loud banging noise comes from the garage.
  •  Torsion spring exhibits a gap.
  •  The top of the garage door is bent.
  •  The door falls quickly upon closing.
  •  Emergency rope fails to lift door.
  •  The door looks jerky or crooked when operating.

Types of Springs

There are many different types of garage door springs, which are generally categorized either as extension springs or as torsion springs.

garage door spring diagram

Extension springs

Extension springs are given such name because they store energy by extending or stretching. When the door is closed, more and more weight comes off the horizontal track. It adds tension to the stretched extension springs. Generally, there are two extension springs in every door; each one is located on either side of the door and runs parallel to the horizontal track.

Every spring independently provides tension independent of the other, on the opposite ends of the door. Some extension doors offer the mechanical advantage of metal pulleys. However, in some instances, uneven distribution of force can cause the door to walk up and down the opening. This happens when either side of the garage door seems to lag behind another as the door is opened or closed. This can be corrected by some adjustments to balance the spring tension.

Extension springs can further be classified based on the type of ends. They can be double looped, open looped or clipped ends.

Open Looped

Open looped garage door extension springs are the easiest to change. You do not need to disassemble the pulley or open the eye-bolt. However, as the entire spring relies on an open wire at the end, you need to replace the entire spring, even if this is the only part of the spring that is broken. A clip at the end of the spring could have saved you a few dollars.

Double Looped

Double loop end garage door springs are stronger than open loops. They have two coils at the end of the spring that is connected to the pulley and the eyebolt. One disadvantage of this type of spring, however, is that they are difficult to replace.

Clipped Ends

This is the most durable among all types of extension springs for garage doors. It also has a longer service life since the clips place less stress on the spring. Clip ends are being usually the standard for extension springs for garage doors weighing 200 pounds and more. However, they are the most difficult to replace.

Torsion Springs

The number of torsion springs on each garage door varies between one and four. The number varies corresponding to the size, weight, and strength of the door. Torsion springs are installed directly above the door opening, on the metal shaft.

Once the springs are installed, aluminum drums are placed on either end of the metal shaft. This type of garage door spring got its name because after cable length and the drums are set, the springs are tension-ed or wound and locked in relation to the assembly.

The force exerted by every torsion spring in the garage door is equally distributed across the shaft, before it is transferred to both drums. In turn, the cables spinet an equal rate, thereby, eliminating walking, as the door is opened.

Torsion springs can further be classified as:

Standard torsion spring

These types of springs are commonly found on residential garage doors that are mounted above the opening of the garage. The metal shaft the runs through the middle, support the springs. Generally, lighter garage doors use one torsion spring while the heavier ones use two.

Early set torsion spring

These springs are similar to the standard type; however, they are mounted in the middle of the torsion shaft. They also use a different type of hardware, mounted on each end of the torsion shaft, next to the cable drums.

Steel rolling door torsion spring

This type of torsion springs is commonly used in commercial buildings. The springs are installed within the torsion barrel, which supports the rolling door.

Torque master torsion spring

Probably the safest of all garage torsion springs, these springs are enclosed inside the torsion shaft. They are also held in place by a winding cone at the end of each torsion rod. These springs, however, are wound up using a power drill.

Replacement of Garage Door Torsion Springs

Our Process 

One common issue with broken garage doors may be related to broken springs. Our trained technicians will evaluate the situation and take the following steps to make the repair:

  • Diagnose problem. The first thing our professionals will do is to inspect your garage door problem and verify that it is truly a broken spring. Our team will then offer recommendations in terms of repair or replacement.
  • Replace both springs. If one of the torsion springs is broken, it’s important to replace both at the same time. These heavy-duty springs really do all the heavy lifting and making sure they are both about the same age will add to your garage door’s reliability.
  • Install correct springs. Garage doors vary a great deal when it comes to size, weight and style so it’s important to use the springs that match your door. Our trained technicians are familiar with all makes and models of doors and will double check after installation with a balance test.
  • Inspect for safety. Whenever our professionals work on any part of your garage door, we will conduct a free safety inspection of all hardware and moving parts to ensure they are working properly.
  • Recommend quality springs. Our top quality garage door torsion springs will provide between 25,000 to 50,000 cycles. Each cycle includes one opening and one closing of your door. Standard springs typically provide only 5,000 to 10,000 cycles.
  • Call for a Free Quote: If you are looking for broken spring repair in Hamilton County, Cleveland, or North Georgia call Door Pro today. Our professionals are available  to provide you with reliable service, repair and replacement.

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Eventually, even the best garage door or opener will need to be replaced. When the time does come to replace a door or opener or a component of the door, you need the help of a professional.