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When it’s time to invest in a new garage door, call Door Pro serving Hamilton County, North Georgia and Cleveland TN. Whether you are purchasing a new garage door to replace an older, less efficient one, or to add personality and style to your home, Door Pro can help you choose exactly the right garage door.

Our professionals have a great deal of knowledge about the different makes and models of garage doors available and can help you select the best one for your financial situation and home.

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Garage doors are heavy and complex so it’s important to work with a trusted garage door professional when installing a new door. Here is a list of reasons why you should invest in a professional to do this job:


Perhaps the number one reason you should use a professional to install a new garage door is for safety. Garage doors are heavy and awkward, and professionals are trained in how to handle, lift and install this piece of equipment safely. Trying to do this job yourself can result in injury to you and your family, which is simply not worth the risk.

Training and Tools

When you hire professionals, you not only get their years of experience but you get their training and access to the company’s tools and technology. A professional garage door installation company should have the most advanced tools and information to help the job go smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Quality Workmanship

Door Pro prides itself in providing quality parts, doors and workmanship. If a door is installed well, it means less wear and tear on the parts, which can lead to fewer problems and repairs down the road. Installing a part of two without preciseness can mean that components can be unnecessarily stressed.


Door Pro has access to hundreds of garage door designs, styles, panels, colors and materials at various price points for you to consider. By working with us, you can have a one-stop shopping experience, making the entire process of replacing your garage door easier and faster. Door Selections start here


Any reputable garage door installation company should guarantee and warranty its work. You can rest assured that if something is not right in terms of parts or workmanship that your professional should come back and fix it free of charge.

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In order to take full advantage of the safety features offered by the manufacturer, you must be sure to have the garage doors properly installed. Without a certified garage door installer handling the hanging and mounting of the doors and safety features, even the most well designed doors will not perform as they should.


Garage doors do a lot of work. Often, they open and close multiple times per day. Keeping them properly maintained will ensure that they continue to work smoothly, safely, and effectively. Maintaining your garage doors is about more than ensuring the light bulbs in the opener are still burning, the chain is still on, and the doors open and close.


Eventually, even the best garage door or opener will need to be replaced. When the time does come to replace a door or opener or a component of the door, you need the help of a professional.